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Maryland Doughnut Trail

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Get yourself some friends who share your birthday month and love of doughnuts.

We went off this list of Maryland doughnut places, but had to improvise a little as certain places were closed.

First, we added a stop of our own at our local Krispy Kreme cuz (1) we were hungry and (2) they've been emailing us like crazy about their new oreo doughnuts. The oreo doughnuts didn't live up to the hype, but their warm original glazed will always be our snow day go-to.

Harmony Bakery, thanks for being open and right down the street when Full Circle was closed. Your Autumn-flavored doughnuts hit the spot when we were really hungry. We'll definitely be back in the Fall and we'll tell all our vegan friends.

(Cloudy Donut Co., we'll have to catch you and your vegan doughnuts on a Saturday morning. I've heard great things.)

A quick shoutout to Diablo Doughnuts for offering us free samples and plenty of plastic cutlery to last us the rest of the trip. Their Old Bay seasoned doughnut is a Maryland classic and one the best flavors from the day.

Sandy Pony takes the cake for the longest drive and the best doughnuts. Those coastal places really know what they're doing.

A few suggestions if you decide to embark on a doughnut trail of your own:

  1. Take the day off and take your time...

  2. But don't take too much time and be sure to check the hours of each place before driving all the way there. It turns out specialty doughnut places are not open all hours of the day.

  3. Grab a notebook and pen to rate the doughnuts each place you go. Or, if you forget to do that, rate them on each receipt.

  4. If you're going with friends (which you one hundred percent should) split a doughnut or two at each place that way you aren't full by the second or third stop.

  5. Bring along a furry friend. He makes everything more fun.

  6. End in a cute town, order a salad and drink lots of water to soak up all the sugar you just ate.

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